12 October 2007
London Astoria II

Eighteen months since their Back From The Dead tour, Pitchshifter are resurrected once more for a pair of gigs, the other being in Nottingham. Whilst this show may have been moved down from the Astoria to the more intimate Astoria 2 (which has reverted to its old name following the disassociation with Mean Fiddler), for a band that hasn’t released a new album in five years and plays shows so sporadically, there was still a healthy turn out.

With their running Union Jack backdrop behind them, Pitchshifter hit the crowd at full pelt with a storming version of Microwaved, followed by the rare treat of an airing of Subject To Status, which whipped up an energetic yet very friendly pit. Scene This and Eight Days flew by next with barely a pause for breath.

Outside of Pitchshifter, bassist Mark Claydon and drummer Jason Bowld have been key figures in This Is Menace. Billed as a “collection of like-minded individuals, with no lead singer”, the bands debut album, No End In Sight featured a variety of vocalists including Jeff Walker (Carcass), Casey Chaos (Amen) and Andy Cairns (Therapy?). Pitchshifter frontman J.S. Claydon, kindly offered the crowd a free copy of that cd from the merch stall, before the band played Cut Us (And We Bleed) from This Is Menace’s new cd, The Scene Is Dead, a track which features J.S.’s vocal.

Following We Know from the band’s last album, P.S.I., Mikee Goodman, former singer of Sikth, took the stage for Virus which was the oldest track featured tonight. J.S. tells us the band have been going for 18 years and jokes they started when they were six. If the rumoured 20th anniversary album and tour takes place in 2 years time, as a long time fan of the band I hope they will reach a little further back to celebrate some of the band’s earlier years. Whilst it’s not surprising that nothing from Industrial (1991) or Submit (1992) was aired, it would have been nice to hear Triad from the excellent Desensitized album. This is a minor complaint and the chant of P.S.I. following What’s In It For Me was well deserved and received by the band.

A free cd was handed out on our arrival, featuring a new Pitchshifter song, Messiah, which followed next. The catchy “You’re little H-Bomb” refrain stuck in your head on first listen and fitted well in the set.

There was an amusing mix up of which song came first Please Sir or W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G., before J.S. explained that he loved his wife, but found it difficult to dedicate songs to her as they’re all swearing and aggressive. Regardless, Genius is dedicated to his other half and the pit went mental. Shutdown finally brings the set to a close and J.S. just can’t resist a dive into the crowd. We await 2009 to dig out our PSI shirts once more.

Pitchshifter set list:
Microwaved / Subject To Status / Scene This / Eight Days / Cut Us (And We Bleed) / We Know / Virus / Hidden Agenda / Down / My Kind / What’s In It For Me / Messiah / Please Sir / W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. / Genius / Shutdown