Taking Dawn / Godsized

31 January 2011

Camden Barfly, London


Godsized seem to be bagging some great support slots lately and this one served them well as a warm up for their forthcoming UK tour with Black Label Society.Their huge Jägermeister sponsored Godsized crest backdrop provided a professional look for a band that are similarly professional in delivery.With not much time to waste on chatter, the six song set is short on breaks and big on hook laden riffs, ploughing the ground somewhere between a melodic Black Label Society and a more muscular edge of Black Stone Cherry.


With a good sound, Glen Korner’s rich voice impressed as the likes of Fight & Survive and Bleed On The Inside drew ever louder cheers from the crowd.A new composition that was “So new it doesn’t have a title” whets the appetite for a full length release.Expect to hear a lot of good things about Godsized this year.


Godsized setlist:

Walking Away / The Phoney Tough & The Crazy Brave / Fight & Survive / New Song / Bleed On The Inside / Head-Heavy


Godsized Godsized 


Chris Babbitt informed us that this was a special occasion tonight as it was Taking Dawn’s first ever sold out headline show.  Based on tonight’s performance there should be plenty more to come.  Babbitt put things in context early, by getting the crowd to bark along like dogs, which while seemingly strange, was actually a masterstroke in demonstrating tonight was all about just having FUN.


It’s not hard to crack a smile and enjoy this performance, Taking Dawn deal out party anthems that pitch them as a modern day Skid Row.  Tuneful enough to tempt the hard rockers and with enough punch and guitar histrionics to ensure they’re respected by metalheads.


Whilst a drum solo after only four songs seemed a bit early, with only one album to date it’s no surprise that Taking Dawn would add a little padding to their set.  We get all but Close Your Eyes from that debut release, with special addition track V also making an appearance.  Easily the most intense song of the night, it gives both Babbitt and Mikey Cross chance to show off their ample guitar skills.  Speaking of showing off, Cross had the female attendance fixated on his shirtless physique.


Taking Dawn Taking Dawn 

Babbitt throws in the occasional rhyme between songs, such as recognizing the support with “Born again with snake eyes, with my new f**king friends from Godsized”.  If we’re going to rhyme the man himself, rabbit is the obvious word to go with, as his banter is relentless between songs.  It’s not some ego trip though, as Babbitt’s amusing ramblings draw in the crowd like we’re all pulling in the same direction.


Of course, one of Taking Dawn’s big breaks in England was opening for Kiss.  Part of the audience actually believed it when Babbitt introduced Paul Stanley to the stage, but instead it’s a camp impression from bassist Andrew Cushing that precedes a cover of Black Diamond.


Favourites such as Take Me Away and So Loud ensure the crowd are safely in Taking Dawn’s palm, but the biggest cheer is reserved for their closing cover of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain, during which Babbitt makes his way to the back of the venue, playing his guitar whilst stood on the bar.


I have to say it had been a pretty heavy weekend and a Monday night gig was hard to get revved up for, but Taking Dawn were like a shot of energy that you couldn’t help but go along with.


Taking Dawn setlist:

Save Me / Like A Revolution / Endlessly / Never Enough / Drum solo / Time To Burn / Fight ‘em With Your Rock / Black Diamond (Kiss cover) / Godless / Take Me Away / V / So Loud / The Chain (Fleetwood Mac cover)


Taking Dawn Taking Dawn