30 September 2011

Union Chapel, London


Tonight’s show was billed as “Kscope presents …A Night At The Union Chapel”.Four of the record labels acts were presenting stripped down sets at the atmospheric Grade II listed Union Chapel.The evening was opened with the ambient Nosound, follow by the shoegazing sounds of London based Engineers and a solo performance by Bruce Soord of The Pineapple Thief.


Bruce Soord of The Pineapple Thief:

The Pineapple Thief

 Anthema was of course the reason we were here and for this show they were stripped back to just Vincent and Daniel Cavanagh with Lee Douglas.The packed Union Chapel was a testament to the band’s upward trajectory and it took a little time to find space on a pew as Kingdom and Thin Air opened the set.


With skeletal instrumental backing, Dreaming Light really showed how far Vincent Cavanagh has come as a singer since he took the lead role back in 1995.Whilst note perfect you can also feel that he lives these songs, which are packed with his emotions.


Danny provides the bulk of the backing tonight, described by his brother as a one man band, he beats out the percussion on his guitar and uses a series of repeat pedals to enable layering and trips to the keyboard, whilst maintaining guitar lines.He was not content to have the evening too laid back however, encouraging the crowd to clap along mid-way through Deep from the Judgement album.


 Anathema Anathema Anathema


It’s not a surprise that A Natural Disaster is among the song selections tonight with Lee Douglas taking the central role.Chiming guitars at the songs conclusion gave way to Lee’s solitary voice which echoed around the otherwise respectfully hushed Union Chapel.


Vincent took time to thank the appreciative crowd, “For selling this place out; a beautiful place.” and also praised his label for putting the event on, hinting that perhaps a full electric festival could be a possibility in the future.A soaring Flying followed, Danny once again making use of his repeat pedal and encouraging the crowd to sing along the songs “ah’s” at its conclusion.


Unlike at High Voltage this summer, despite a strict 10.30pm curfew, there was still time to wrap things up with Fragile Dreams presented in a more laid back fashion.As the three members of Anathema departed to a warm response, Vincent bid farewell with a promise to “See you next year with a new album.”


Anathema setlist:

Kingdom / Thin Air / Dreaming Light / Deep / Angels Walk Among Us / A Natural Disaster / Flying / Fragile Dreams