Motörhead / In Flames / Girlschool
19 November 2005
Brixton Academy

A bit of confusion with passes robbed me an opportunity to see most of Girlschool`s set. However, I did arrive just in time to catch Lemmy striding out to a heroes welcome for a rare run through of Please Don`t Touch, a song recorded under the guise of Headgirl by Motörhead and Girlschool.

Girlschool set list include:
Race With The Devil / Demolition / Emergency / Please Don`t Touch

A loyal group of fans at the front were here specifically to catch In Flames` support set. Blessed with the use of their massive shield logo backdrop, but robbed of much of the lighting rig, In Flames battled against the notorious Brixton P.A. which has a habit of sucking out any subtleties a support band may have. As a result, many of the buried hooks in the songs played from the bands most recent two albums were lost upon those not in the know.

However, the bands energy was certainly noticed and it was obvious they are enjoying this run with Motörhead. Anders Fridén announced that this was the most shows the band had played in the U.K. and that they would be back in March 2006 when touring their new album. Nothing from that album, Come Clarity, was previewed tonight, but Friden told us that he certainly thinks it will be the best album of 2006.

There has been a change behind the drum stool on this tour while regular sticksman Daniel Svensson awaits the birth of his child. Tobbe Kellgren of Wolf acquitted himself very well and the best compliment would be to confirm that really nothing seemed different.

With a set only permitting ten songs there had to be omissions, though I wondered whether the anthemic Only For The Weak would have worked better than some of the faster songs included tonight. Regardless, this was a short sharp reminder of the quality of In Flames and one which wets the appetite for that March tour.

In Flames set list:
The Quiet Place / Pinball Map / System / Episode 666 / Clayman / Trigger / Cloud Connected / Touch Of Red / Colony / My Sweet Shadow

How do you go about reviewing Motörhead? If you`ve seen them before you know exactly what to expect and if you haven`t you owe it yourself to catch the three-piece live at least once before you die …or they do (unlikely in the seemingly indestructible Lemmy`s case!).

Crowned a "Living Legend" by Classic Rock this year, Lemmy is a true icon and his band transcends genres. This is echoed by the diversity of a crowd which ranges from children to pensioners and covers metallers, punks, bikers, indie kids and a few people that look like they`re investigating who is the band on the t-shirt they bought at Top Shop. If it`s unclear, Lemmy clarifies "We are Motörhead and we play f**king rock`n`roll."

There`s little time for pauses in a Motörhead set and the relentless vortex the band create sucks you in. Speaking of vortex`s, Metropolis is as near to Lemmy`s previous band Hawkwind as Motörhead get. Lemmy dedicates that one to the geriatrics, then Phil Campbell wakes them up with a demand for a cheer in his quest to find the loudest crowd in the world.

Killers and In The Name Of Tragedy from latest album Inferno stand up very well against the more famous classics. It`s obvious the band remain proud of their latest output with Lemmy telling us to steal it if we have to, "Just get it!"

Mikkey Dee gets a turn in the spot light with a drum solo during Sacrifice that sounds like a volley of fireworks going off. Drum solos are usually a time for a trip to the toilet, but Dee`s demanded your attention.

Showing he has other talents, Dee appears with Campbell, both with acoustic guitars, for a run through of Whorehouse Blues. Lemmy takes centre stage guitar less, bathed in red light for the song, which he injects with snippets on his harmonica.

Of course we get Ace Of Spades and it is Overkill that wraps things up. Thirty years down the line, whilst the Brixton Academy wasn`t sold out in advance, it appeared to be on the night and Motörhead`s longevity and ability to pull in crowds of this size is a testament to the consistency of their live shows.

Motörhead set list:
Dr. Rock / Stay Clean / Love Me Like A Reptile / Killers / Metropolis / Over The Top / No Class / I Got Mine / In the Name Of Tragedy / Dancing On Your Grave / Fast And Loose / R.A.M.O.N.E.S. / Sacrifice / Just `Cos You Got The Power / Going To Brazil / Killed By Death / Iron Fist / Whorehouse Blues / Ace Of Spades / Overkill

In Flames