Born From Pain

27 February 2007

Camden Underworld, London

Born From Pain bassist Rob Franssen is politely requesting more people move down in front of the stage for the second time. It`s not that there aren`t many people here, but the hardcore gathering prefers to lurk around the edges of the Underworld. As the band launch into the title track from their debut album, Reclaiming The Crown, life is stirred and the windmilling, kung-fu antics of about half a dozen, send the rest of the crowd ducking for cover and realisation dawns why they were staying in the wings.

Whilst the hardcore crowd and reactions may differ greatly to Rockers Digest`s usually abodes, Born From Pain have a good deal of metal in their veins. You only have to check out guitarist Karl Fieldhouse`s Metallica shirt and vocalist Che Snelting`s Crowbar shirt to see some of their other influences. Whilst the band often speed along in traditional hardcore style with Snelting`s barked vocals, occasionally they`ll turn in a gut wrenching doom riff, thrash crunch or even, ….shhh, a guitar solo. Witness Dominik Stammen`s shredding on Here Lies Civilisation.

Born From Pain appeared on the Wacken bill last summer and, particularly when utilising material from their last two albums, they are able to seamlessly blend into a metal show. This is a very hardcore crowd and it`s therefore no surprise that the bands earlier material pops up frequently leading to pit mayhem and fans grabbing the mic to shout the chorus. When the band visit their latest platter, War, it`s the faster cuts that have been plucked for tonight`s show. Unless I missed it the groove that is Crusader, which features an unlikely duet with Jan-Chris de Koeijer of Gorefest, was sadly absent.

Born From Pain`s muscular set passes in a blur. They are a well oiled machine that put in a lot of roadwork and it shows.

Born From Pain set list included:

Death & The City / Rise Or Die / Final Nail / Behind Enemy Lines / Reclaiming The Crown / When We Were Kings / Scorched Earth / New Hate / Here Lies Civilization / Stop At Nothing / Black Gold


Born From Pain