Chrome Division / Godsized
2 October 2009
Camden Underworld, London

Booze, Broads and Beelzebub in the Underworld tonight. I’d had plenty of the former, Shagrath represented the latter and the female contingent was indeed high.

First up were England’s very own Godsized who have been making waves on the underground to match their big riffs. Neatly managing to be bestowed with the honour of “track of the day” by Classic Rock’s website a couple of days earlier, it had been a good week for the four piece and continued with a very strong set.

Pretty much all the reviews I’d read about these guys included a mention of Black Label Society and it’s not undue with Godsized hitting us with similarly southern tinged licks. Throw in the heavier end of Black Stone Cherry and you get the flavour. Frontman Glen Korner has a rich voice fitting of the band’s well written songs. Ensuring the beat is sufficiently heavy, drummer Effon, last seen in RockersDigest favourites Head-On, hammered his kit in familiar fashion and the full effect left this reviewer nodding along.

Godsized set list:
Walking Away / ? / Fight & Survive / ? / Brothers In Arms / Head-Heavy / On The Inside

Chrome Division came on stage with all guitars blazing. Literally, with sparklers on the end of their instruments, which were pointed skywards and waved in unison. Lets’ Hear It provided the perfect opener with it’s dirty riff and gang shouted chorus setting the biker rock atmosphere. The Norwegians are often likened to Motorhead and Booze, Broads and Beelzebub would sit snugly in Mr Kilmister’s repertoire.

This may be considered a side-project but Chrome Division have certainly made the effort tonight. All except guitarist Ricky Black wear white string vests, Black himself in a white long sleeve. Then it’s black jeans, white shoes and white cowboy hats all round. The hat’s, and also sunglasses, being optional accessories at various points through the set.

It’s not been highly publicised but Eddie Guz, the singer on Chrome Division’s two albums to date has left the band. His bluesy vocal worked well with the band’s sound, so he left difficult winkle pickers to fill. If new frontman Shady Blue looks familiar, it’s because he’s also known as Athera in Susperia. The frontman looks in fine fettle for someone who had a heart attack, resulting in open heart surgery earlier this year. It was great to see Athera back on stage and he slips into Chrome Division comfortably.

Of course it’s Dimmu Borgir’s frontman Shagrath who is the most familiar face in Chrome Division. Or not perhaps given he’s sans corpse paint tonight. A hint to his day job is however displayed on his wrist in the form of a Dimmu Borgir wristband. Shagrath makes no fuss about his obvious status and the Chrome Division feeling is one of a united gang, in line with their biker image.

Seemingly fostering Norwegian / British relations, both flags are wielded by Athera, mirroring the band’s merchandise. By this point however, The Wine Of Sin had done it’s damage and it was time for less note taking and more headbanging. Chrome Division came, saw and rocked the Underworld.

Chrome Division set list:
Let’s Hear It / Booze, Broads and Beelzebub / Breathe Easy / Chrome Division / Wine of Sin / The Boys from the East / Raise Your Flag / Raven Black Cadillac / Life of a Fighter / Whole Lotta Rosie / Rebel / Serial Killer

Chrome Division