4 October 2010

Camden Underworld, London


The last time Jørn Lande was in London he was fronting Heaven & Hell at their tribute to Ronnie James Dio at the High Voltage Festival.  Lande did a fabulous job on a difficult day for the Heaven & Hell and I wasn’t surprised to learn that prior to Dio’s passing he had been in talks to tour with the band as an available stand-in should Ronnie have required.


It’s obvious Dio was a huge influence on Lande, particularly given he’s released a tribute album to him.  There are lots of similarites to draw; the voice, stage posture, naming the band after yourself and of course the material.  The Jorn releases are packed with songs that you could have imagined Dio singing.


The other singer Lande is often compared to is David Coverdale.  At various points in the set, Lande drops to the breathy Coverdale style and it makes sense that he fronted The Snakes with ex-Whitesnake members.


Jorn Jorn


Whilst we were kept waiting for 15 minutes longer than scheduled, that was soon forgotten as Jorn hit the stage with Road Of The Cross.  Lande has assembled a more than capable band to convey his solo work and in Tor Erik Myhre and Tore Moren he has not only two guitarists, but two very good lead guitarists.Each received a solo spot during the set.


Lande really began to warm up that voice by second song Shadow People and what a voice he has.The Norwegian frontman, now sporting a goatee beard, stalked the stage with his microphone stand getting the respectable sized crowd, particularly give there was a tube strike, to clap along with a shout of “Let’s see some f**king hands in the air”.


Bassist Nic Angileri spent most of the set grinning, obviously enjoying the show and even Lande was prompted to smile as the crowd sang along with We Brought Down The Angels.


Much of Jorn’s material is in the mid pace range and the uptempo Stormcrow was a welcome break with some impressive guitar soloing.  Man Of The Dark was another highlight with Lande paying tribute to Dio later in the set with Song For Ronnie.


Just a quick glance at Lande’s discography reveals he is well travelled in the rock world and there were some disappointed he did not venture into some of that work.  This was however billed as a Jorn gig not Jørn Lande and that's exactly what we got with the exception of a cover of Thin Lizzy's Are You Ready.


Jorn setlist:

Road of the Cross / Shadow People / Below / We Brought The Angels Down / Stormcrow / Spirit Black / Rock'n'Roll Angel / Tor Erik Myhre Guitar solo / The Inner Road / Man of the Dark / Blacksong / Tore Moren Guitar solo / Tungur Knivur / Drum solo / Soul of the Wind / Are You Ready / Song For Ronnie / War of The World/Man On The Silver Mountain


Jorn Jorn