Periphery / TesseracT

11 February 2011

Camden Underworld, London

With Dave out of town I was left with covering this gig, so unfortunately you're stuck with photos only.

I can tell you that the Underworld was packed by the time I got there, in fact so packed that I could hardly get any photos from the crowd and had to take the majority from "the balcony" (the side of the stage).

TesseracT setlist:
Hollow / Deception Concealing Fate pt2 / The Impossible CF Pt3 / Perfection CF Pt4 / Epiphany CF pt5 / Origin CF Pt6 / Nascent / Acceptance CF Pt1

TesseracT TesseracT


Periphery setlist:
New Snu / Light / Buttersnips / Total Mad / Frak The Gods / Zyglrox / New Groove / Letter Experiment / Icarus Lives / The Wal

Periphery Periphery