2 March 2012

Camden Underworld, London


Having plugged away in the music industry since 2003, released two full length albums on Metal Blade, toured with the likes of Black Dahlia Murder, As I Lay Dying, Dragonforce and Children Of Bodom and travelled as far as India and Japan, Anterior decided early this year to end the endless uphill battle and call time on the band.  Signing off, this was to be the Welsh metallers final show and a very respectable crowd had gathered in the Underworld to witness it.


With Anterior side screens either side of James Cook’s drum kit, the band took to the stage and blasted into To Live But Not Remain, funnily enough, like it was their last gig.  It didn’t take long for the first stage diver of the evening as a pit opened in front of the stage.


Anterior Anterior Anterior


Guitar feedback formed a bridge straight into Blood In The Throne Room with Leon Kemp and Steven Nixon impressing with their speedy melodic guitar runs.Centre stage Luke Davies roared the lyrics as he acted as ringmaster, encouraging the crowd to get involved, with stage divers more than welcome.


As the song ended a spontaneous chant of Anterior broke out with, Luke Davies joking, “I really think we’re gonna have to break up more often.People turn up to our shows and buy our shit when we do!”


Some of the band’s Welsh fans, who hadn’t made the trip down, may have expressed disappointment that this show wasn’t on home soil, though Davies noted, “One last time London, this it it.  We brought it here as every time we come to London we get the best show.”However, Davies took time to thank all the travelling fans.


Anterior Anterior


First album favourite Seraph followed with its Machine Head like verse and a chorus recalling Arch Enemy.  Mid song Kemp and Nixon’s twin guitar work was once again nailed and it has to be said the band as a whole did themselves proud with an incredibly tight display.


I have to confess at this point I started to lose track of the setlist as a stage dive and some time in the pit became too inviting.  The atmosphere in the Underworld was one of celebration and Anterior’s fans did the band proud.


Davies had one final request prior to signing off.Asking for the lights to be brought up, to the crowd’s disappointment, he announced there was one song left and called for an Anterior Wall Of Death.  Without much encouragement the crowd split in two as Dead Divine kicked in with Davies calling, “Go!” after the opening riffs.Suitable mayhem ensued and three and a half minutes later it was all over.Hwyl fawr Anterior!



Anterior setlist included:

To Live But Not Remain / Blood In The Throne Room / Seraph / The Silent Divide / Tyranny / By Horror Haunted / Dead Divine


  Anterior Anterior