16 January 2013

Upstairs at The Garage, London


I’m all for value for money, but the trend for shoving multiple bands on evening bills invariable means you don’t see much of the band you’ve actually paid to see.  For Aeon’s UK dates, three bands were originally billed, however in London two further acts were added.  Comically in these days were festival forums go mental if there’s a single band they’re not keen on, this meant tonight there were as many acts playing as played Donington in 1991!


What it also meant was Aeon eventually took the stage at 10.25pm.  They’re thirteen song setlist had already been trimmed to ten, with the curfew enforcing a measly 35 minute stage time meaning it had to be further trimmed to eight songs.


Aeon Aeon Aeon


Still They Prey from the excellent Aeon Black album kick-started the set.Any concerns about this being Emil Wiksten’s first gig behind the Aeon drum kit were quickly erased as the sticksman brutalised his kit.  Such was the ferocity, Zeb Nilsson and Daniel Dlimi’s guitar’s struggled to compete but eventually shone through mid-way through Nothing Left To Destroy.


“C’mon London” barked frontman Tommy Dahlström as Kill Them All whizzed by.  With a tiring and thinning crowd, no doubt due to the time, Dahlström asked, “Do you guys want one more?If so, show me your horns.”Fortunately we were due more than one more, though not as many as we hoped.


The low stage of the venue Upstairs at The Garage doesn’t offer the best views and the mid pace of a majestic Aeons Black provided the soundtrack for the flying blonde hair of bassist Marcus Edvardsson who with Dahlström formed the focal point of the band.


Soulburner took us back the band’s debut full length Bleeding The False, before the channelled aggression of Forgiveness Denied.  Back to the new album and The Glowing Hate was tonight’s highlight, though unfortunately this led us to only one final song with Living Sin wrapping up the very brief headline set.


Aeon Aeon


Aeon setlist:

Still They Pray / Nothing Left To Destroy / Kill Them All / Aeons Black / Soulburner / Forgiveness Denied / The Glowing Hate / Living Sin


Songs culled from setlist due to lack of time:

I Wish You Death / Caressed By The Holy Man / You Pray To Nothing / Garden Of Sin / Forever Nailed