Bloodstock Open Air - Thursday

8 August 2013

Catton Park, Derbyshire


As an official photographer, I didn’t see too much of Johan across the weekend as he was indulged in his passion of shooting the bands.  Meanwhile, as an official punter and nothing more, my main aim was to thoroughly enjoy myself which I duly managed thanks to some excellent performances, time spend with friends and the overall festival organisation.


The coverage that follows pairs Johan’s extensive work with a recap on any bands I personally caught across the weekend.


Thursday kicked off in the Sophie Lancaster tent with High Wycombe rocker’s Motherload.  Echoes of guitarist Oz and drummer Effon’s former band Head-On, who graced the mainstage in 2007, could be traced in the grooving riffs, though Motherload take a more commercial route.  Songs such as We Are The Authority and One Man Army made for pleasant drinking music as I met up with friends outside the tent.


Motherload setlist included:

We Are The Authority / One Man Army


MotherLoad MotherLoad MotherLoad


The tent began to fill as Bull-Riff Stampede grinded out the opening of Bled To The Arena before picking up the pace with scything thrash riffs.  By third song Mindless Heresy a pit had opened up with the crowd feeding off the band’s onstage energy.  Instrumental Raze got heads banging and the suitably titled Thrashing Machine saw the Bristol thrashers leave on a high.


Bull-Riff Stampede setlist:

Bled To The Arena / Central Embodiment of Evil / Mindless Heresy / Raze / Advance & Conquer / Ten / Thrashing Machine


Bullriff Stampede Bullriff Stampede Bullriff Stampede


With more friends arriving and beers to be quaffed, the remaining Oaf, Ravenage and Tragedy provided background music whilst outside the tent, though it was notable that the latter’s metalized Bee-Gee’s covers had packed out the tent and seemed to be going down a storm.


Oaf live on the Sophie Lancaster stage: 


Oaf Oaf


Ravenage live on the Sophie Lancaster stage: 


Ravenage Ravenage


Tragedy live on the Sophie Lancaster stage: 


Tragedy Tragedy Tragedy


 Tragedy Tragedy