Bloodstock Open Air - Sunday

11 August 2013

Catton Park, Derbyshire


Gamma Bomb live on the Ronnie James Dio stage:


GamaBomb GamaBomb GamaBomb 


Whitechapel live on the Ronnie James Dio stage:


 Whitechapel Whitechapel


Sacred Mother Tongue  live on the Ronnie James Dio stage:


Sacred Mother Tounge Sacred Mother Tounge


Fozzy looked a bit out of place on the Bloodstock bill and watching their performance they felt like it too.  Maybe prior to latest album Sin & Bones they would have made more sense, but they disappointingly took a more commercial route with that last disc and since 75% is drawn from it, it’s a bit of a cheesy endurance test.  Fair play, Chris Jericho worked tirelessly to get the crowd going, at one point even climbing up the side of the stage.  However, even allowing for an appearance from Motorhead's Phil Campbell, this seemed one for the diehard Fozzy & wrestling fans, one of which was holding up a sign saying, “Bloodstock will never ever see the like again”, let’s hope he’s right.


Fozzy setlist:

Spider in My Mouth / Sandpaper / She's My Addiction / God Pounds His Nails / Shine Forever / Sin and Bones / Enemy / Blood Happens


Fozzy Fozzy


They might not have a major stage presence, but Amorphis have massive hooks and their set was packed with them.  Material from latest album Circle, which mixes their later more melodic material with their heavier roots, sat well amongst a smattering of older favourites.  When not singing into a steampunk style microphone contraption, frontman Tomi Joutsen indulged in windmilling with his lengthy dreadlocks, putting any band member in the vicinity in danger of a good whipping.  Disappointingly, due to a delayed start, Amorphis are given no leeway and depart after a mere seven songs.


Amorphis setlist:

Shades of Gray / Narrow Path / Sky Is Mine / Silver Bride / Into Hiding / On Rich and Poor / Nightbird's Song


Amorphis Amorphis Amorphis


Evil Scarecrow live on the Sophie Lancaster stage:


Evil Scarecrow Evil Scarecrow Evil Scarecrow


I kind of lost my way with Exodus when Rob Dukes joined and the band seemed to take on a more agro persona.  To be truthful, all roads lead back to their Bonded By Blood debut and it’s no surprise that the three songs from it are the standouts for me in this set.  Whilst I know I’m not the only person with this opinion, I appear to be in a minority as the crowd was one of the largest of the day, with possibly the largest pit of the weekend.


Exodus setlist:

The Ballad of Leonard and Charles / A Lesson in Violence / Children Of A Worthless God / Blacklist / War Is My Shepherd / Bonded by Blood / The Toxic Waltz / Strike of the Beast


Exodus Exodus Exodus


Devildriver live on the Ronnie James Dio stage:


DevilDriver DevilDriver


After a bit of a break in the Serpents Lair bar, I headed over to the New Blood stage to catch up with London based NWOBHM revivalists Amulet.  I’d already been impressed by the five-piece when I caught them supporting Angel Witch at The Unicorn in London last December.  Once again they summoned the spirit of ’79, not only in sound but visually with a fine collection of moustaches and tasselled jackets.  Even going as far as to install some gravestones on the drum riser, Amulet put in a solid half hour of no nonsense metal.


Amulet setlist included:

Running Out Of Time / Book Of Evil / Wicked & Cruel / Black Magic Attack


My 18th Anthrax set but the first with this line-up.  Shadow’s Fall’s Jonathan Donais was manning lead guitar, whilst with Charlie Benante recovering from surgery due to carpal tunnel syndrome, journeyman Jon Dette sat behind the drums.  Switching members seems to be a common occurrence on the Worship Music tour of which today we are informed by Scott Ian is the 200th show.  The changes certainly didn’t blunt Anthrax who appeared on storming form.  Joey’s voice sounded stronger than ever and, judging by the amount of stomping he was doing, Scott Ian seemed to be having a killer time.  Deathrider was a very welcome inclusion in an otherwise predictable set, but with the two expected covers unsurprisingly included I could have done without a third being a run through of AC/DC’s TNT, especially considering Madhouse’s absence.


Anthrax setlist:

Caught in a Mosh / Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.) / Got the Time / Hymn 1 / In the End / Deathrider / T.N.T. / Indians / Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't / I Am the Law / Antisocial


Anthrax Anthrax


A quick dash to the Sophie stage afforded my first sighting of Wolfsbane since 1991.  Whilst I feel some of Blaze Bayley’s decisions in the treatment of his solo band members has been questionable, I couldn’t deny how at home he appeared back fronting Wolfsbane.  Indeed, the Tamworth band were on frighteningly tight form with the bass work of Jeff Hateley particularly catching my attention.  Blaze’s work rate at times had you worrying he may give himself a coronary, despite his mock protestations that “I am not a fat bastard”.  “We were young, we were fast, it was never gonna last.” from recent song Smoke & Red Light pretty much summed up Wolfsbane’s original run and it was good to see them back together.


Wolfsbane setlist:

Limo / Black Lagoon / Blue Sky / Money to Burn / Smoke & Red Light / Loco / I Like It Hot / Tough As Steel / Kathy Wilson / Temple of Rock / Man Hunt / Paint the Town Red


Wolfsbane Wolfsbane Wolfsbane


So finally it was left to Slayer to wrap up Bloodstock 2013.  With the recent death of Jeff Hanneman, there was always going to be poignancy to this set and there was certainly an atmosphere watching from the surprisingly restrained crowd.  Perhaps that restraint had fed from frontman Tom Arya who was in a very subdued mood.  Respect was paid to Hanneman before South Of Heaven when a backdrop with his name in the form of Heineken’s logo was unveiled, bearing the motto “Still Reigning”.  That aside, Slayer put in a tight and impressive set with Gary Holt doing justice with Hanneman’s parts.  Back on drums Paul Bostaph was solid and my only disappointment was that Kerry King’s guitar was so quiet where I was stood due to the decision to pan the guitars.  All very well if you’re stood smack in the middle but we can’t all do that.  A ferocious Angel Of Death and a swift exit from the band brought down the curtain on yet another fantastic weekend at Bloodstock.


Slayer setlist:

World Painted Blood / Disciple / War Ensemble / Hallowed Point / At Dawn They Sleep / Mandatory Suicide / Altar of Sacrifice / Jesus Saves / Spirit in Black / Postmortem / Snuff / Hate Worldwide / Seasons in the Abyss / Hell Awaits / Dead Skin Mask / Raining Blood / South of Heaven / Angel of Death


Slayer Slayer Slayer 

Slayer Slayer