Bloodstock Open Air - Sunday

15 August 2010

Catton Hall, Derbyshire


Sunday brings with it the best weather of the weekend and having waded through mud earlier in the festival I returned home with a suntan!Traditionally it’s always a day that feels more laid back, with three days of partying taking it’s toll and the fold out chairs multiplying like mating rabbits.


Despite the tiredness, I’m pleased to say I made me hat-trick of 10.30am bands, by managing to catch Bonded By Blood.However, judging from the energy of the Californians on stage, you’d have never have guessed it was so early.As part of the thrash revivalist movement, Bonded By Blood really do look the part and I felt like I was watching a Gothic Slam video such is the attention to detail in the classic thrash look of the band.Musically it’s no surprise and the band freely admit, that Exodus is their main point of influence.Vocally, Jose Barrales does take a pinch of both Paul Baloff and Zetro Souza, but the spiralling vocal patterns mostly brought Sean Killian of Vio-Lence to mind.Whilst all the component parts felt in place, the one area that Bonded By Blood fall a little short on is memorable songs.At times songs feel to blur into each other without possessing a killer hook and if Bonded By Blood can work on that they could be a potent force.


Bonded By Blood setlist:

Prototype: Death Machine / Immortal Life / Exiled To Earth / Another Disease / Feed The Beast


Bonded By Blood Bonded By Blood Bonded By Blood


The only hooks associated with Suffocation are likely to be spiked ones impaled in the top of your head.“This one’s about killing, cause that’s what I like to do” announced Frank Mullen as Thrones Of Blood opened the set.The crowd had started to grow and Mullen questioned whether this was, “A world record for the number of metalhead’s up at 11am”.Soon it was back to the brutal business of “stockpiling guns and ammo, as the world is coming to an end” before Cataclysmic Purification.Despite liking death metal, I have to admit that I often struggle with Suffocation finding them a bit impenetrable.However, today sat at one of the tables outside the bar with a good view of the stage and an awesome sound, Suffocation were very entertaining and even Johan was tapping along.Of course onstage, Mullen is waving along in his traditional jazz hand death metal wave.The Long Islanders only get 30 minutes but its plenty to blow out any lingering hangovers.


Suffocation setlist:

Thrones Of Blood / Cataclysmic Purification / Pierced From Within / Blood Oath / Brood of Hatred / Infecting the Crypts


Suffocation Suffocation


Holy Moses were a bit of an odd addition, particularly sticking them above Suffocation.They were never really rated back in the old thrash days and have made no headway in the UK.It wasn’t hard to see why from the off as the generic, third rate thrash, topped off with Sabina Classen’s horrendous vocal, turned faces into grimaces.Holy Moses played a song called Nothing For My Mum and there wasn’t much for the rest of us either.Time for some breakfast.


Holy Moses setlist:

Def Con II / Life’s A Destroyer / Master of Disaster / Shattered / Blood Bond / Nothing for My Mum / Lost in the Maze / SSP / End of Time


Holy Moses Holy Moses Holy Moses


Before catching Doro, there was time for a quick pop into the unsigned tent to see some of Traces.The Reading based band impressed with their debut EP release, Reflections Of A Forlorn Sun, with it’s blend of Dimmu Borgir style symphonic black metal.Armed with a marvellous sound, Traces were able to recreate the sound of that EP to excellent effect.Former Gorerotted/The Rotted bassist Phil Wilson has made an impressive transition to frontman, and decked out in a kilt, he prowled the stage demanding an audience response.Bassist Dan Scrivener was no slouch either and his exuberance caused his bass to become dislodged from it’s strap, but he admirably managed to support it’s weight for the duration of the lengthy opener.Unfortunately it was soon time to head back to the mainstage but I’d certainly like to catch Traces again.


Traces setlist included:

To Engulf All Creed / Wreathed In Flames


Traces Traces Traces


Following the brutality of Suffocation and the mediocrity of Holy Moses, things were set up very nicely for Doro and she delivered with gusto.Wisely leaning heavily on her more up-tempo Warlock past, this was a rousing set which took quite a few people by surprise.Backed by a strong band, the platinum blonde Miss Pesch had no problem getting the crowd to sing along with Burning The Witches and, kitted out in black leather, had men of all ages salivating in the crowd.Celebrate was a complete cheesefest but was fun all the same.  Though on announcing a special guest and Holy Moses’ Sabina Classen appeared, there were more looks of horror than excitement.Acknowledging the British band that afforded Warlock one of their first major tours, Doro played Judas Priest’s Breaking The Law.Though the laid back Classic Diamonds style first two verses didn’t work so well for me and things improved greatly when the band kicked in properly.There was only ever going to be one song that closed this set and the crowd happily sang the All We Are chorus, before and during the song.Doro was so pleased with the reception that it was difficult to get her to leave the stage.


Doro setlist:

Earthshaker Rock / I Rule the Ruins / Running From the Devil / Burning The Witches / Metal Racer / Celebrate / Breaking The Law / All We Are


Doro Doro Doro


If Doro kick started the party, Korpiklaani had no problem taking it up a few notches.Opening with Vodka, or was it Wodka, the Finns had us soon forgetting any last day lethargy with an assertion that “Drinking is good for you” seeing us refill our pints.Much like their mid afternoon slot in 2007, this was the perfect time of day to see Korpiklaani and the crowd swelled massively for their set.Crowd pleasers like Cottages & Saunas had jigs breaking out all around me, with the band on stage clearly having a ball.Even when the band reverted to songs in their native tongue, scores of people were still singing along, or making an attempt to.The “Lai lai lai” of Juodaan Viinaa presented little issues to sing along, whilst Pellonpekko had the crowd jumping.With time running out Jonne Järvelä offered us a choice between Happy Little Boozer or Wooden Pints, with the former winning.Identifying what we now needed he dispensed with his guitar and started throwing cans of beer into the crowd.This of course heralded Beer Beer during which Järvelä impressively lassoed guitarist Cane with his microphone lead.


Korpiklaani setlist:

Vodka / Journey Man / Korpiklaani / Cottages & Saunas / Kipumylly / Tuli Kokko / Viima / Juodaan Viinaa / Pellonpekko / Happy Little Boozer / Beer Beer


Korpiklaani Korpiklaani Korpiklaani


I wasn’t hugely excited about Gwar’s addition as their recorded work is, at best, crap.However, the eighteen years since I last saw them had obviously made me forgetful of how funny their stage performance is.That’s it with Gwar, all stage show and no substance.It’s obvious the band can play a bit, but Oderus Urungus can’t sing and, perhaps excepting Let Them Slay, they have no decent songs.So, to that stage show then.During the first song someone had been beheaded and was spraying blood into the crowd.We got Adolf Hitler wanking off green fluid into the crowd, a cop butchered and pierced up the arse and a drug ridden rock star have his arms removed.Urungus explained the band were from Antarctica and hence it was very hot for them and could we all fan them.With the audience comically waving their hands, Urungus mocked that they pitied our pointless hero worship.There was still time for the Nazi pope and the devil to make and appearance with the crowd drenching completed from a cannon and Urungus own penis.Those enjoying the soaking were probably unaware how difficult the liquids were to wash off, with amusing sights in the campsite the following morning of people still stained.


Gwar setlist:

Metal Metal Land / Lords and Masters / Saddam A Go-Go / Ham On The Bone / Tormentor / The Apes of Wrath / Womb With A View / Let Us Slay / Maggots / Immortal Corruptor / Price of Peace / Sick Of You


Gwar Gwar Gwar


Somehow I’ve kept managing to miss Gojira, so this was my first live experience of them and they impressed majorly.The sound was immense, probably the best all weekend and the French band took full advantage.Oroborus made for a very familiar introduction before The Heaviest Matter of the Universe sounded like it’s title, as if Morbid Angel were jamming with Mastodon.In contrast to the brutality, Joe Duplantier politely noted “It’s a wonderful day” before Backbone got head’s nodding once more.Duplantier told us that the band had actually been going since 1996 and in recognition of those supporting the band from the beginning, Gojira delved back to their debut album for Love.This was an incredibly tight performance but it wasn’t static, with the band running around the stage at the climax of Flying Whales, swinging their guitars around.Mario Duplantier played a strange drum solo which sounded more like he was testing his kit prior to Toxic Garbage Island before Vacuity brought the set to a triumphant close.Très bien!


Gojira setlist:

Oroborus / The Heaviest Matter of the Universe / Backbone / Love / Flying Whales / The Art of Dying / Toxic Garbage Island / Vacuity


Gojira Gojira Gojira


Bloodbath were filming today’s set so soon enough you’ll be able to relive it at home.Hopefully they’ll mix the sound better than it started out.Maybe it was because Gojira’s sound was so good, but it was all too drum heavy with a lack of guitars out front for Bloodbath.If you don’t know, Bloodbath are a death metal “supergroup” featuring Mikael Åkerfeldt and Martin Axenrot from Opeth and three-fifths of the current Katatonia line-up.Today they were made up with a variety of wounds, such as Per “Sodomizer” Erikssoon with a black eye and bleeding mouth and Axenrot with a bullet hole in his head.Åkerfeldt assured us that he hadn’t gauged his eye out and that it was make up.Yes, Åkerfeldt’s demeanour was no different to that with Opeth.Wandering to the front of the stage he noted “It says do not stand here.I am not breaking the law like Judas Priest”.Hacking their way through their back catalogue all the way to debut EP Breeding Death, Anders “Blakkheim” Nyström threw out some LPs, which was met by a comment of “That’s not the way to treat vinyl, but what the f**k!” from Åkerfeldt.Mass Strangulation opens with “The stupidest riff you’ve ever heard, but it’s so f**king sweet” and Åkerfeldt wasn’t wrong.The band save the best run of songs until the end, with Mock The Cross causing some serious neck ache.Åkerfeldt notes that Like Fire was written by ex-member Dan Swano who penned songs you could actually f**k to.However, it’s the closer, Eaten, that the crowd were baying for.


Bloodbath setlist:

Ways to the Grave / Soul Evisceration / Process of Disillumination / Iesous / Breeding Death / Mouth Of Empty Praise / Mass Strangulation / Cancer of the Soul / Mock the Cross / Like Fire / Outnumbering the Day / Eaten


Bloodbath Bloodbath Bloodbath


It’s quite funny to remember now that back in 2005 their was a degree of concern on the forum about a band as heavy as Amon Amarth appearing.That was a total success and the bill has steadily become heavier with 2010 surely having the most extreme additions yet.None more so than the legends of death metal Cannibal Corpse.The Corpse’s appearance today appeared to be like marmite from a straw poll of friends, you either liked them or hated them.There was no fuss about the band’s entrance, they just sauntered on, fixed their feet in position for the set and ploughed into Scalding Hell.It’s no surprise George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher has such a wide neck as he doesn’t stop headbanging between bellowing out vocals like some industrial vacuum cleaner.At times, the brutality is so savage you forget to note how technically gifted the band actually is.  Fingers race across fretboards and the delivery is razor sharp.There’s no messing about and a giant inflatable penis that was being waved in the crowd was met with a stern, “We need a bigger pit and get that penis out of here, it doesn’t look good on you” from Fisher.I Cum Blood is dedicated to the ladies – nice!Meanwhile we’re taken all the way back to the first song Cannibal Corpse played live for Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains.Towards the end a number of pits had formed and Fisher’s demand for “One giant pit” was duly met, for what he told us was the closing Hammer Smashed Face.Of course his catch phrase was to follow, “When I told you that was the last song, I lied”, as Stripped Raped & Strangled closed a satisfyingly brutal display.


Cannibal Corpse setlist:

Scalding Hail / Unleashing the Bloodthirsty / Savage Butchery / Sentenced To Burn / The Wretched Spawn / I Will Kill You / I Cum Blood / Pounded Into Dust / Gutted / Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains / Make Them Suffer / Priests Of Sodom / Devoured By Vermin / Hammer Smashed Face / Stripped raped & Strangled


Cannibal Corpse Cannibal Corpse Cannibal Corpse


And so it was down to Twisted Sister to bring Bloodstock Open Air 2010 to a close. Long Way To The Top played over the PA as always prior to a Twisted Sister performance, though it was made to sound like a respectful change of radio channel to Man On The Silver Mountain.The opening of Come Out & Play was played without the band on stage, building the tension until they all came running on.Twisted Sister took a decision recently that the drag costumes were now surplus to requirements and with characters as large as they are that really was true.Dee Snider in particular draws the eye, with JJ French comparing him to “Sarah Jessica Parker dipped in a vat of acid”.From the setlist below you can see this show was packed with classics and plenty of opportunities to sing along.However it’s the delivery that makes the difference and Twisted Sister are masters in that department.The motormouth of Dee Snider never fails to entertain whether he’s thanking Mother Nature “for not being a c**t” or directing the crowd to sing, punch the air, get out their lighters or simply jump - we obey!JJ concedes that Twisted Sister have not visited the UK enough recently and it’s to be hoped that can be rectified as an evening with them is the ultimate party experience and provided the perfect finale to BOA 2010.


Twisted Sister setlist:

Come Out And Play / The Kids Are Back / Stay Hungry / Captain Howdy / Shoot 'em Down / You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll / The Fire Still Burns / I Am (I'm Me) / We're Not Gonna Take It / The Price / I Believe In Rock 'n' Roll / Burn In Hell/ I Wanna Rock / Under the Blade / Long Live Rock'n'Roll / S.M.F.


Twisted Sister Twisted Sister Twisted Sister